This Month's Antibiotic Stewardship Champion Award Winner

Congratulations to Michael Green, MD!

Michael Green, MD has been nominated for the July 2020 Antibiotic Stewardship Champion Award. Dr. Green joined GoHealth Urgent Care in 2017 and since has been an integral part of the GoHealth NY team. He has been recognized for his quality and leadership skills and as such in April 2020 he became the Associate Medical Director for Queens and Westchester. Furthermore, he helped start the GoEducate series, a GoHealth National weekly internal education publication with most educational materials stressing antibiotic stewardship. Dr. Green, along with his team contributed to Northwell GoHealth Urgent Care’s 83% appropriate antibiotic stewardship, exceeding national emergency room and urgent care metrics. GoHealth urgent care also utilizes a monthly score card for antibiotic stewardship, and recently Dr. Green’s personal inappropriate antibiotic use was 0.00%, and was in the 100 percentile for GoHealth NY with total antibiotic use being 18.39% and recognized as a low antibiotic utilizer in our market