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Are you covered? The San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO) requires that employers must satisfy a spending requirement on health care expenditures for covered employees. As long as employers make the minimum required expenditures, they may choose how they spend the money.

Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care now offers Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA) members a solution that fulfills these requirements and offers employees the ability to visit Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care centers for needed urgent care services.

What is the Health Care program?

Employees (and dependent children) of each qualifying GGRA member (“Member”) that executes an agreement with Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care  will be entitled to receive those urgent care medical services currently provided at Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care locations in the San Francisco Bay Area on an as needed basis subject to the below terms between January 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

Common urgent care medical services provided by Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care include:

  • Illnesses such as the flu, sore throat, stomach pain and upper respiratory infections
  • Minor injuries from typical household accidents, sports or work related injuries including cuts and lacerations
  • Each facility has on site lab testing (additional outside third party lab fees may apply) and X-ray imaging capabilities

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How do GGRA members sign up?

  • Each interested qualifying Member will sign a one-year services agreement with Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care, which will be standard for all GGRA Members.
  • To be a “qualifying member”, the Member needs a minimum number of five participating employees.
  • On a quarterly basis, the Member will send Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care a list indicating the names and addresses of employees (and their dependent children) for which the Member would like to pay for health care services and the number of urgent care visits Member would like to purchase for each employee.
  • A minimum spend of $200 per employee per quarter ($800 per employee per year) will be assessed and be payable in advance and will entitle the employee (or his or her dependent children) to one urgent care visit per quarter (or 4 visits per year). Additional visits for employees may be purchased by the Member in advance at a fee of $200 per urgent care visit per employee.
  • Payment by Members shall be made by ACH payment or credit card payment on a quarterly basis at the beginning of each quarter.
  • Download Agreement

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How do employees obtain urgent care services at Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care locations?

  • Employees (and their dependent children) of Members can walk in for service or schedule a time for a visit by checking in online through the Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care website at /bayarea.
  • The employee should identify himself/herself as an employee of the Member by showing his or her photo identification (driver’s license or similar) when he or she arrives at the Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care location.
  • The Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care front desk attendant will verify that the employee works for the Member and that the Member is active with the GGRA and has both signed a services agreement and paid for urgent care visits for the employee with Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care.
  • Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care will render medically necessary urgent care services to the Employee (or dependent child) and no out of pocket cost or other “cost share” will be required or requested by Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care at the time of service or thereafter (other than the cost of durable medical equipment, prescription and any necessary third party lab costs).

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Dignity Health-GoHealth Urgent Care Locations

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