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Urgent care lab services

Are you looking for quick and convenient lab services? Whether it's blood work, strep throat or a pregnancy test, we’ll ease your worries with a test from our on-site lab. Just walk in or save your spot online and our team will help provide treatment options or referrals to specialists if necessary.

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On-site labs to save you time

Our on-site lab provides the option for quick care tests and rapid results. With conveniently located centers near local pharmacies, you can be seen, get your lab work and pick up any prescribed medication without taking an extra trip.

Many of our lab tests offer results while you wait or are available for review within 24-72 hours in our online patient portal. 

With the ease of saving your spot online, there’s no need to waste time to get your lab work done. Check-in today and feel better faster.

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What types of tests provide rapid results?

Many of our centers can provide lab results within 15 minutes for the following tests:

If labs need to be sent out for results, our care team will follow up with you within a few days with the results. You can also find results on your patient portal. We also offer PPD skin tests for tuberculosis at most of our centers, but these results are not rapid.

Test for tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection that can cause a high fever, trouble breathing and other potentially life-threatening symptoms. Healthcare workers, those who are immune compromised or have been directly exposed to someone with an active infection, are at risk. 

You must get tested immediately if you believe you have been exposed to tuberculosis. Tuberculosis testing requires either a skin test, called a PPD test, or a blood test. While some of our urgent care centers offer TB testing, most require that you visit a specialized lab. If you are concerned about TB exposure, speak with a healthcare provider who can provide a referral to a lab that does this type of testing.

Blood lab work

Get blood work results

If your results require further follow-up, our staff call you with your lab test results or you can check our online patient portal for your results.

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Does insurance cover lab testing?

We are in-network with most insurance providers, but the type of lab testing covered by your insurance will depend on your plan and coverage. If you have any questions, it is best to call your insurance provider. 

Find a location near you for immediate local care

If you have a health concern or are not feeling well, our healthcare providers can evaluate your needs and determine the best action plan. If further testing is needed after your evaluation, we can do most lab testing and blood work in-house or refer you to one of our healthcare partners if you need additional follow-up.

Our centers are conveniently located and open 365 days a year, seven days a week, many with extended hours. Just walk in or save your spot online to get the process started.  

Lab test FAQs

Lab test FAQs

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