Sprains, Strains, Fractures, and More!

Whether you sprain your ankle on a rock climbing expedition or walking to your car from the office - we’re here for you! Our experienced providers have seen it all and can diagnosis, treat, and provide referrals to a specialist if more follow-up care is necessary.

With x-ray capabilities at most centers, healing supplies such as slings and crutches, and little-to-no wait times - you’ll be back on your expedition (or to work) in no time!

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Everyday Bruises, Burns, Cuts and Scrapes

From kitchen accidents to falls at the playground - injuries happen everyday! We can treat minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds with stitches and skin glue, as well as burns at all of our centers. Don’t spend extra time and money at the Emergency Room - visit your neighborhood GoHealth Urgent Care.

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