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Common injuries treated at Urgent Care centers

Injuries happen when you least expect them. That’s why we’re here for you seven days a week to help treat common injuries such as sprains, broken bones, burns, cuts and more. Most of our urgent care centers offer on-site X-ray services, stitches and quality injury care. You can walk in or save your spot online at a center near you.

Sprained ankle

Treating fractures, sprains and strains

Whether you sprain your ankle jogging in the park or walking to your car from the office, we’re here for you. Our experienced healthcare providers have seen it all and can diagnose, treat and provide referrals to a specialist if more follow-up care is necessary. 

With X-ray capabilities, healing supplies such as slings and crutches, and little-to-no wait times, we can assess and treat most broken bones, fractures, sprains and more, so you’ll be back on your expedition (or to work) in no time.

Treatment for burns

Burns are a common injury frequently caused by kitchen accidents. Luckily, burn care is one of our specialties that can be treated at all our centers. We can treat most first- and second-degree burns, but third- and fourth-degree burns usually require emergency care. Learn more about the types of burns we can treat and visit your local center or save your spot online for immediate care.

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Treatment for cuts and scrapes

Cuts and scrapes are common injuries that sometimes require medical treatment. If your cut is deeper than ¼ inch, has visible muscles, tendons or bone, or doesn’t stop bleeding within 15 minutes, you may need stitches or treatment. If you think you need stitches, go immediately to any of our urgent care locations. If you wait too long to have your cut treated, you risk infection, bleeding and excessive scarring.

Treating eye injuries

Eye injuries can be caused by foreign objects scratching or cutting the eye. This can happen from simply scratching your eye with your fingernail or sustaining a more severe injury with a power tool. Our urgent care centers can help evaluate most eye injuries and provide recommendations for additional follow-up appointments if needed.

Injury on hand

Visit an urgent care to get treatment for your injuries

Urgent care centers can help evaluate, diagnose and treat most common injuries — helping you save time and money. Getting seen at an urgent care is often faster than getting an appointment with your primary care provider but less expensive than an emergency room. 

Sprains, strains, broken bones and eye injuries can be treated at our urgent care centers through our healthcare partners. Visit our services page to learn more about the various services available at our centers.  

For immediate care, start by finding a location near you and simply walk in (no appointment needed), save your spot online or walk in with one of our caring providers. 

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