Frequently Asked Questions

What is convenient pay?

Convenient pay is a quick way to pay your balance after your insurance company processes your claim. The credit card you present at the time of service can be charged for your responsibility (co-pay, deductible, co-insurance) according to the benefits within your insurance plan. You will receive an email prior to processing your card, as well as an explanation of benefits from your insurance company showing how your claim was processed.

Why did I receive two different statements?

If you receive a bill for your lab test from a 3rd party, please reach out to the specific lab company billing department if you have any questions. GoHealth Urgent Care does not handle the billing process when labs are sent to 3rd parties.

Why do I owe an additional amount after paying my co-pay during my visit?

Your financial responsibility is based on your specific plan with your insurance carrier. Some plans have a co-pay and deductible or co-insurance components, which may apply to services provided. Your explanation of benefits from your insurance carrier will detail how your claim was processed.

Are you in network with my insurance?

We are in-network with most local insurance plans, but if you have questions on your specific plan coverage, please contact your insurance carrier to verify your benefits.

Why is my balance more than the self-pay rate?

Your balance is based on the benefits you have with your insurance company for an entire visit. Our published self-pay rates provide guidance to those without insurance coverage for services a-la-cart and may not correspond to all situations or reflect the entirety of the visit.

How long will it be until I receive a bill if I have insurance?

For your convenience, we submit a claim to your insurance carrier which may take 30 – 60 days to process. In some circumstances, claims may be delayed due to coordination of your claim with your insurance carrier or if additional information is needed.

I provided my insurance, why am I receiving a bill for the entire visit amount?

In some cases, your insurance carrier may request additional information from you. These ‘Coordination of Benefits’ requests must be fulfilled in order for your insurance carrier to pay your claim. If you fail to respond to the request for additional information, you may receive a bill from us.

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