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Unexpected injuries during work hours may require immediate treatment at our urgent care centers nearby, we can help. When you need to visit an urgent care for workers’ comp-related injuries, just walk in, save your spot online for a convenient visit any of our conveniently located centers.

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What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance carried by employers that pays cash and medical care benefits to employees who are injured or become sick on the job. This type of insurance protects employees from financial concerns caused by work-related injuries or illnesses.

Workers’ comp benefits are determined and processed by each state’s workers’ compensation board. The type of compensation can vary by state. 

If you are injured on the job, the first step is to report the injury or illness to your employer. The employer will then help you file the paperwork and determine the next steps you need to take.

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What can be treated under workers’ comp?

Workers’ comp covers work-related illnesses or injuries. This can include:

  • Funeral expenses due to a work injury
  • Lost wages caused by missed work
  • Medical expenses for immediate and long-term treatment
  • Ongoing medical care costs

Medical expenses can include visits to the emergency room or urgent care for workers’ comp. It may also include prescriptions, surgeries or other treatments. We can help you get the care you need for just about everything, from muscle tears to cuts and repetitive strains such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis and back pain.

Workers’ comp will cover the lost wages if the injury requires you to miss work. It can also cover disability, treatment for chronic injuries or illnesses or funeral expenses for workers’ families. It does not cover injuries or illnesses that happen outside the workplace or compensate for missed wages because of those conditions. 

How to file a workers’ compensation claim

If your work-related injury requires immediate medical treatment, you must get treatment right away. You can visit an emergency room or urgent care that takes workers’ comp to receive the initial care you need.

Once you are stable, tell your employer about the injury or illness as soon as possible. There is limited time to file a claim, which varies by state. Therefore, your employer needs to start the process immediately. Your employer will need you to complete paperwork and collect information from other employees about the incident. Your healthcare provider, such as our urgent care partners, must also submit a medical report.

Once all the information is collected, the employer will report the injury to their insurer.

The insurer will then approve or deny the claim within a few weeks of submission.

Why visit an urgent care?

Can you go to urgent care for workers’ comp? Yes, our urgent care partners can help evaluate and treat any work-related injury and provide the documentation your employer will need to file for workers’ compensation. When injuries are non-life threatening, an urgent care may be more convenient than an emergency room.

Find a location near you for immediate local care

Being injured on the job can be stressful, so let us take some of that worry away. Our centers offer quality care from experienced providers. Additionally, we can provide many services in-house, such as lab tests or X-rays. We also have an extensive network of partners and can provide referrals for further evaluation and treatment. 

Urgent care centers through our healthcare partners are conveniently located and open for care 365 days a year, seven days a week. Just search for the center closest to you and save your spot online or walk in. Our center pages are updated with current wait times, so you know how long you can expect to wait. 

Get workers’ comp urgent care fast

Whether you’ve suffered a workers’ comp injury like a sprain, strain or fracture, we partner with the top health care providers in the country to help get you back to work faster!

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Quick referrals

When additional health care is needed, we refer you quickly to the top specialists within our partnered networks, right in your neighborhood.

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Neighborhood locations

With all the workers’ comp urgent care centers across the country—and growing—you’ll never have to go far to get the convenient care you need. Simply save your spot or just walk in seven days a week.

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Workers’ Comp FAQs

Workers’ Comp FAQs

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