Legacy Health Providers

Marc Morishige

Physical Therapist

Marc Morishige Physical Therapist

Christian Molstrom, MD

Regional Lead Physician and Medical Informatics

Christian Molstrom, MD Regional Lead Physician and Medical Informatics

: Emergency Medicine


: Comparative Literature, University of Washington


Emergency Medicine at University of Connecticut School of Medicine

: MA, Ethnomusicology


Kaiser Permanente, Oregon
Manchester Hospital, Connecticut

: I lived in Tokyo for three years where I worked as a computer programmer and played in a jazz band.

Joshua Russell, MD

Provider Education and Quality Assurance

Joshua Russell, MD Provider Education and Quality Assurance

: Emergency Medicine


: B.A., Hope College

: MD, University of Michigan

: Emergency Medicine, OHSU, Portland, OR

: MSc, School of Public Health, University of Michigan


: Kaiser, PeaceHealth 

Dr. Russell had a very short, unsuccessful and unpaid stint as a stand-up comedian. He was soon after a finalist to become a member in the Jeopardy Clue Crew, but somehow felt that going to medical school was a better idea. He has long standing academic interest in fitness and nutrition to treat and prevent chronic disease in addition to specializing in medical emergencies.

Aaron Liere

Physician Assistant

Aaron Liere Physician Assistant

: Urgent Care


: BS in Exercise and Sport Science at Oregon State University

: BS in Physician Assistant Studies at Des Moines University


: Prior to joining the Legacy GoHealth team, Aaron worked as an Urgent Care Physician Assistant for 17 years for NW Urgent Care.

: He enjoys gardening, hiking and home brewing.

Alexis Smithers

Nurse Practitioner

Alexis Smithers Nurse Practitioner

 Family Medicine



 MSN at Rush University

 MBA at Pepperdine University


 Love dogs and passionate about animal rescue

Amanda Culver

Nurse Practitioner

Amanda Culver Nurse Practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Nurse Practitioner


: East Tennessee State University

Emory University

: Masters of Public Health at Emory University


: I love to travel! I lived and worked in Rwanda.

Amelia Johnson

Physician Assistant

Amelia Johnson Physician Assistant




: Masters of Physician Assistant Studies


: Men in Black is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Anaise Hines

Nurse Practitioner

Anaise Hines Nurse Practitioner

Bridget Marick

Physician Assistant

Bridget Marick Physician Assistant

: Master's degree trained in Family and Emergency Medicine. 

: BLS, ACLS, Wilderness Medicine, and Advanced Trauma Life Support.

: Biology University of Colorado

: Arizona School of Medicine


: One of 10 children raised on a Dairy Farm in rural Colorado.

Carrie Kent, DO

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Carrie Kent, DO Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Cheryl Springer

Physician Assistant

Cheryl Springer Physician Assistant


: BA psychology Oregon State University 1993.

: Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, Pacific University 2002

Doctorate:  PhD Health Science, 2014 Trident University

: 13 years in urology, Past president of Oregon Society of Physician Assistants 

I once spent a summer gutting salmon in Alaska!

Corbin Allred

Physician Assistant

Corbin Allred Physician Assistant

: Urgent Care Medicine


: Bachelor of Science: Biology/Zoology at Southern Utah University

: Master of Physician Assistant Studies at OHSU

PA-C, Paramedic

: Iron County Utah Ambulance Services, Iron County Utah Special Operations Rescue, Dixie State University Adjunct Paramedic/EMT instructor. 

Professional husband and father. Average actor and musician. Amateur everything else...but entertaining all offers for sponsorship

Daniel Brown

Physician Assistant

Daniel Brown Physician Assistant

NCCPA certification.


: BA Religious Studies at University of Virginia


Doctor of Naturopathy - NCNM


Family Medicine in Eastern Oregon

: I play the bassoon.

David Allen

Physician Assistant

David Allen Physician Assistant

Board Certifications / Specialties: NCCPA

Certificates: National PA certification: ACLS, BLS 

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Biology/Pre-Med with minor in Theatre

Master's or Medical Degree: Masters of Health Science 

Fun Fact: I lived in Japan when I was a child.  My favorite things to do are spend time with my family and ride my motorcycles.

David Curran

Physician Assistant

David Curran Physician Assistant

David Gahtan

Physician Assistant

David Gahtan Physician Assistant

Certificates: BLS

Undergraduate Degree: BS Finance, Ithaca College

Master's or Medical Degree: MS, MPAS Pacific University

Credentials: MS, PA-C

Fun Fact: Before becoming a PA I managed a wilderness therapy program and practiced primitive skills.

Diana Seaders

Physician Assistant

Diana Seaders Physician Assistant

Board Certifications / Specialties: NCCPA

Certificates: BLS

Undergraduate Degree:  Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Master's or Medical Degree:  Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Other Degrees: MBA

Previous Employment: Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona

Fun Fact: Enjoys trail running, completed Eugene Marathon in 2016

Emily Rogalette

Physician Assistant

Emily Rogalette Physician Assistant

National Commision on Certification of Physician Assistants


:  Dual degrees in Psychology (BS) and Political Science (BA) from Washinton State University

:  Masters of Physician Assistant Studies - Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) School of Medicine - 2011


Previous Employment:  PeaceHealth Southwest ED, Memorial Urgent Care, Clark County Jail

Love all things yellow.

Eric Nash

Nurse Practitioner

Eric Nash Nurse Practitioner

Board Certifications / Specialties: AANP Family Nurse Practitioner

Certificates: ACLS, BLS

Undergraduate Degree:  BSN, Oregon Health and Science University

Master's or Medical Degree: MSN, Washington State University

Credentials: FNP

Fun Fact: I enjoy spending time with my family and doing jiu jitsu.

Gina Bawden

Physician Assistant

Gina Bawden Physician Assistant

PA board certified 

: PA board certified, BLS.

Bachelors in medical science/communication 

Master of medical science 


: Washingtontownship medical foundation California 

: Lover of world travel, cultures diversitis, surfer and enjoying time with family and friends.