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Sports and camp physicals

A sports physical or a pre-summer camp physical is always a good idea and may be required for participation. We offer same-day sports and camp physicals at most of our convenient locations 7 days a week, just save your spot online or walk in.

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Urgent care for sports and camp physicals

A summer camp or sports physical evaluates a child's overall health that can impact a their ability to participate in certain activities. During this exam, one of our trained practitioners will screen for health concerns that might impact your child’s safety and enjoyment of these activities. We are an easy and convenient option for your sports physicals’ needs.

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What is a sports and summer camp physical?

A sports or camp physical exam, also referred to as a sports or camp "clearance exam,” is a pre-participation physical exam that helps determine if it is safe for your child to participate in sports or physical activities. 

Most states require that kids have clearance exams before beginning camp or other activities. The evaluation typically involves a review of your child’s medical history and a physical exam. The provider may also evaluate your child’s heart, lungs, vision, mobility and other vitals pertinent to sports participation. The exam may also involve a discussion of protective gear your child might need to prevent injury while participating in physical activity.

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Benefits of a sports and summer camp physical

The main benefit of a sports and summer camp physical is that it allows your healthcare provider to identify and address problems or issues that may arise from participating in physical activity. This can help make camp or sports more enjoyable and safe for everyone.

For example, a healthcare provider can help manage symptoms of exercise-induced asthma or provide advice as to how to prevent common injuries for a specific sport. You can also discuss the latest CDC camp guidelines or ask other questions important to you.

At your visit, you can also discuss practical ways for your child to maintain good nutrition and other health tips. The goal is to work together with your healthcare provider to enjoy activities to the fullest.  

Preparing for a sports and summer camp physical

You have scheduled your pre-camp physical exam or have set aside a day to visit one of our centers for your physical. What can you do to get the most out of your appointment?

Before your appointment, be sure to bring along any forms that the healthcare provider will have to fill out. Some states require sports clearance exams before camp or sports, these may require specific documentation. Review everything you need to bring before visiting our urgent care for your physical. 

Also, be sure you have information about:

  • Chest pain experienced by your child
  • If your child is able to generally keep up with peers when running around
  • Known heart or lung issues
  • Injuries, aches or pains, or other health problems
  • Family health history
  • Vaccination records
  • Information about the sport or camp activities

The more information you can provide, the more likely your visit will be quick and effortless. 

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Other conditions that GoHealth Urgent Care treats

GoHealth Urgent Care doesn’t just offer sports physicals, we also offer many other services that can help you and your family stay active and healthy.

Accidents happen, and we’re here to help. We have comprehensive injury care for sprains, aches and pains, including on-site x-ray services and orthopedic services.

On the go? Try one of our Virtual Visits, perfect for a quick video evaluation of common everyday health concerns. 

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