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Customizable Program to Suit Your Needs

Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation and Rapid Testing

Immediate access to COVID-19 evaluations and rapid testing that enable employers to make real-time decisions about individual, group and operational next steps.

Tailored Plan for Maintaining Employee Health

Clinical experts to help your team design a customized program to navigate COVID-19, including evaluations, testing, protocols and communication guidelines. Virtual, on-site and in-center COVID-19 services tailored to your business’ needs.

On-Demand Access to Leadership and Clinical Guidance

On-call Clinical Leaders to provide guidance that allows managers to rapidly respond to symptomatic employees, potential exposure and/or COVID-19 infections.

Ongoing COVID-19 Program Evolution

Continual assessment of COVID-19 monitoring, evaluation, safety and testing workflows. Ongoing support and education with respect to COVID-19 best practices as new guidelines and scientific developments emerge.

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On-Site COVID-19 Testing

Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care is now offering COVID-19 testing at your workplace in Northwest Arkansas. Please complete the form below and a member of our operations team will reach out to you shortly. 

  • We will agree upfront on a rate for your facility based on the number of employees (and residents for nursing homes) that you would like tested.
  • A physician or advanced practice provider will perform a virtual or onsite evaluation of all employees, residents and patients at the facility.
  • Onsite testing capabilities can be coordinated and configured within 3-4 days.
  • Our team is trained on the COVID-19 testing equipment and testing procedures.
  • Test results can be delivered in 5-10 days.
  • On-site testing reduces unnecessary exposure by transporting employees and residents outside of their environments.

Return to Work Program Information Request

The Return To Work Program from Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care is a customized COVID-19 business continuity program for employers in NW Arkansas and across the nation.

Some examples of helpful information: Your employee health goals (antibody/diagnostic testing, health requirements for employee return, etc.), your industry, your site location(s), timeline. This will assist us in getting you in touch with the best person to design a customized plan to fit the needs of your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care offer any on-site or mobile testing? Or will everyone need to drive to a center for testing?

Our team can work with the administration to identify an on-site testing location. In addition, we offer online Video Visits and curbside testing at our centers for organizations that require testing offsite.

Does Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care offer continuous COVID-19 testing on a weekly or monthly basis?

Yes. If desired, our team can work with the administration to set an appropriate cadence to test employees and students, if applicable.

We would prefer to cover the cost of the evaluations and tests instead of billing health insurance. Does Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care allow that?

Yes. Our team can set up a direct-to-employer contract that allows your organization to pay for all costs at a predetermined rate.

What type of COVID-19 testing does Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care offer?

We offer rapid diagnostic (nasal swab) and antibody (serology blood) tests. Rapid test results are available within approximately 15 minutes. Antibody test results are available within 2-3 days. Everyone tested will have access to an online patient portal to review their results.

Will Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care report test results and/or provide an application to check daily symptoms before the start of each school or work day?

If your organization would like to enter into a broader direct-to-employer partnership, our team can provide a comprehensive set of services, such as ongoing reporting and a daily symptom checker.

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