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Virtual Evaluation and Care for Common Illnesses and Injuries


Our virtual providers or teledoctors can evaluate and care for minor illnesses like: asthma, respiratory infection, colds, flu, mild fever, earache, headache, nausea, sinus infections, sore throat, and more.


And minor injuries and infections like: animal and insect bites, pink eye, poison oak and ivy, rash, sprains & strains, urinary tract infection (UTIs) and more.

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Care for the Whole Family, Via Video!

  • Get same-day, quality care via phone, tablet or computer for adults and children 1-year-old and up.
  • Book Virtual Visits for what kids have the most, such as ear infections, colds, pink eye, rash, allergies and more.
  • Open 7-days a week, including holidays. Kids don’t put their coughs on a calendar, so we don’t adhere to one.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Virtual/Video Visit cost?

Virtual Visits have zero cost to patients under Medicare/Medicaid and most other major insurance plans during the public health emergency.

How does a Virtual/Video Visit work?

Similar to WhatsApp, Skype and FaceTime, a Virtual/Video Visit allows you to meet with a provider via video when you can’t make it to one of our urgent care centers. Like an in-person visit, a Virtual/Video Visit can be made same-day with no appointment necessary. 15 minutes before your session starts, you will receive an email and/or a text message with a direct link to your video session. Click the link to enter your date of birth and electronically sign the consent forms. When you connect to the video session, your provider will be notified and will join.

What conditions do Virtual Visits cover?

Providers can care for the following areas in a Virtual/Video Visits: allergies, asthma, wheezing, minor animal and insect bites, bronchitis, respiratory infection, colds, cough, flu, mild fever, earache, headache, nausea, pink eye, eye infection, poison oak, poison ivy, rash, skin infection, sinus infections, sore throat, laryngitis, sprains & strains, and urinary tract infection (UTIs).

What do I need for a Virtual/Video Visit?

You will need an internet-enabled device with a camera and a microphone, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Google Chrome is the preferred browser, but Internet Explorer and Firefox are also compatible.

Who can be seen with a Virtual/Video Visit?

Anyone over the age of 1 who is physically located within the state the telemedicine services is offered.

How are the after-visit summary and prescriptions handled with a Virtual/Video Visit?

The after-visit summary (AVS) is available to the patient via their online patient portal. A link will be sent to the patient's email following the visit. Prescriptions are handled in the same manner as an in-person visit and are delivered electronically to the patient's pharmacy. Narcotics may not be prescribed during the visit.

Can I receive prescriptions from a Virtual/Video Visit?

Yes. Prescriptions are handled in the same manner as an in-person visit and are delivered electronically to the patient's pharmacy. Narcotics will not be prescribed during a Virtual/Video Visit.

Is a Virtual/Video Visit the same thing as telehealth or telemedicine?

Our Virtual/Video Visit services fall under the telemedicine category, defined by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) as “the practice of medicine using technology to deliver care at a distance. Our providers and teledoctors are experienced with the tools and technology to provide the same amazing care you’d find in one of our centers.