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Position Summary:

Learning Coach openings in Hudson Valley area

To onboard and guide new team members, the GoHealth Urgent Care Learning Coach is assigned to a new team member to help guide and support the new team member’s onboarding learning experience and confirm the new team member is ready to conduct their job role accurately and effectively.


• The GoHealth Urgent Care Learning Coach role is responsible to follow a formal and organized method of teaching new or inexperienced team members critical thinking skills and high-level competencies. A Learning Coach uses a competency-based model to foster growth learning and enhance the socialization of a learner. The types of learners include newly hired team members, team members transferring to a center or department, and those team members who require extensive support and learning experiences.

• A Learning Coach focuses on assessment and validation of skill competencies. Learning Coach duties include: (1) role modeling skills and behaviors, (2) teaching and evaluating another team member’s technical skill competencies using pre-approved methods and procedures, (3) accountability for the team member’s competence validation, (4) orientation to the center or department and organization and review of an orientation check-list, and (5) bringing the assigned team member up to a predetermined level of competency for the specific job.

• A Learning Coach encompasses a minimum of 40 hours to a maximum of 80 hours of dedicated time invested with an assigned team member or a combination of 40-80 hours with several team members of one-on-one dedicated time to ensure a level of knowledge and skills is acceptable within the company’s learning standards required.

Learning Coaches meeting GoHealth’s learning coach standards may be eligible for a Learning Coach incentive while conducting a learning coach assignment. A learning coach assignment includes training new team members, current team members who transfer to another center or department, or those team members who need additional competency support.

A single learning coach assignment will last 40-80 hours. The applicable market leader must approve each learning coach plan. Each regional operations manager or department leader is responsible for partnering with the market’s Learning Training Specialist to provide recommendations for interviewing and selecting learning coaches when needed and assuring they are trained and prepared for the assignment. Selection is based on demonstrated:
• Competencies on center or departmental standards
• Effective communication skills
• Effective interpersonal skills
• Proficiency in critical thinking and technical skills


On-going Eligibility:
1. Learning Coaches must have and maintain acceptable Learning Coach evaluations, semi-annually. The Learning Coach must maintain 85% or greater team member evaluation feedback being at the fully meets or higher level each year. If this evaluation level is not met, the Learning Coach role may be terminated at the request of the Training Specialist.
2. Learning Coaches must have documentation of successful completion of annual competency evaluation, to continue in the Learning Coach role.
3. To meet new hire learning schedule needs, it’s expected that Learning Coaches conduct all coaching sessions assigned to them during their work schedule. A Learning Coach may be excused from an assigned learning coach session due to planned PTO or unplanned PTO for illness or emergencies. Cancellation of a scheduled learning coach session due to an unplanned PTO (less than 3-week notice) may be accepted no more than once per quarter. If more than one scheduled learning coach assignment is missed/cancelled per quarter due to unplanned PTO, the Learning Coach role may be terminated.

Essential Responsibilities – Learning Coach
1. Provide in-center coaching to new team members on all assigned areas of the core competencies.
2. Provide timely feedback on assigned team member performance and escalate any issues if required.
3. Collaborate with Training Specialists and Learning team leaders for ongoing quality improvements for the training program.
4. Track and manage the assigned new team member’s completion of Core Competency Checklist items and submit e-form when completed.
5. Accept learning coach assignments scheduled by Training Specialists with no more than one declination per month.


All qualified persons are granted an equal opportunity for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, genetic information, medical condition, family care leave status, pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition, otherwise qualified disabled or veteran status. The company will comply with all fair employment laws in each of the jurisdictions where we conduct business.

For applicants in California, please review our California Consumer Privacy Statement here.

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