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3 Reasons Guys Don’t Go To The Doctor

Whether it’s a home improvement project, working in the yard or going a little too hard at the gym, let’s face it guys – injuries happen.  However, when these injuries do happen, men are often hesitant to get medical care. 

Below are three of the most common reasons men avoid going to the doctor.

Because I’m Fine

If it’s bleeding, just put a Band-Aid on it.  If it’s sore, just rest it for a few days.  If it’s swollen, just put some ice on it.

Unfortunately, these self-treatments can sometimes do more harm than good.  Deep lacerations need to be protected from dirt and dust or may require stitches, but covering them with duct tape or a bandage before having it checked may complicate the wound or lead to infection.  Also, these wounds need to be checked for foreign bodies and debris.

For muscle and joint injuries, the treatments may vary depending upon how the injury occurred.  Not addressing these injuries can lead to further damage and turn a simple sprain into a chronic problem that lasts months or years.

Because It’s Embarrassing

No guy wants to be the one to end the Saturday basketball game early because his knee hurts.  Or tell his child that he can’t play catch because his shoulder hurts.  For those with kids, dad is Superman and he is never in pain and rarely complains.  So, in most cases, guys will “tough it out” and keep going despite the pain.

Although this may seem admirable, the reality is that the longer you wait to have your injury addressed, the worse it may become.  Taking the time to treat your injury may mean the difference between sitting out one Saturday game and sitting out the next 20 Saturday games.

Because I Don’t Have Time

Weekends and after work is the time guys plan to fix that broken garage door or clean the gutters.  If you want to finish your project and still have time for yourself, the last thing you want to do is sit in a crowded waiting room waiting to see what’s wrong with your shoulder.   

Also, taking off an entire day of work trying to make a doctors appointment, then sitting in the waiting room and then picking up a prescription from the pharmacy is not an option.

Fortunately, at GoHealth Urgent Care, most patients are seen within 15 minutes.  We also offer early morning hours and extended evening hours 365 days per year. This means you can be seen by our clinical staff and not have to take off from work or lose a weekend just to be treated for an illness or injury.

GoHealth Urgent Care provides on-site x-ray, labs, and diagnostics and treats much more than just colds and cases of the flu.  For your convenience, you can schedule a visit using the widget below or walk into any of our convenient neighborhood locations!

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