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Cranberries are Not a UTI Cure-All: GoHealth Urgent Care Can Help Your Urinary Tract Infections

Yearly, Oregon produces nearly 40 million pounds of cranberries, a portion of which may be leftover in your fridge from Thanksgiving. But did you know these powerhouse berries are revered for their medicinal properties, too?

Yes, numerous clinical studies show that concentrated cranberry juice can help ward off painful urinary tract infections (UTIs) before they start. Unfortunately, once you’ve got a UTI, no amount of juice can substitute for urgent care treatment.

How Do You Know When You Have a UTI?

For women, UTIs are just a fact of life, although men can develop them, too. The infection starts when bacteria gets swept up the urethra. The hallmark of a UTI is feeling a burn when you urinate. You might also feel pain around your bladder (back or lower abdomen), and your urine might be discolored or unusually scented. Some sufferers feel a frequent urge to go to the bathroom, but are frustrated that they can only pass a small amount of urine each trip.

If you’re also feeling feverish, nauseous, or shaky with chills, this might mean your UTI has traveled up to your kidneys, the inevitable outcome of an untreated UTI.

There is no home treatment for a UTI, so whenever you experience burning during urination, you should seek urgent care immediately to prevent the infection from involving other organs. By the time you’re wondering if you might have a kidney infection, you’ve already waited too long to see us.

What Can You Expect From an Urgent Care Professional?

At a GoHealth Urgent Care center, a healthcare professional will take a urine sample, so drink a bottle of water before you arrive. We have an on-site laboratory at all our convenient locations so you can know the results of your test in the same visit. If the diagnosis of a UTI is made, your urgent care specialist will prescribe a course of antibiotics to totally treat the infection.

Usually, a round of antibiotics is just what’s needed to quell the bacteria. It’s imperative that you take the full course of prescribed medication, which may take up to two weeks, even if your symptoms are clearing. For your comfort in the meantime, we might also prescribe painkilling medication.

If your infection has progressed as far as your kidneys, we can treat that, too. The same antibiotics that handle a UTI at the bladder level are generally up for the challenge. But in the rare cases that your infection requires hospitalization, we’ll tell you immediately, and refer you to a GoHealth partner so all your records will travel with you seamlessly. UTIs are an annoyance, but they don’t have to be dangerous if you treat them promptly. With our round-the-clock walk-in availability and online check-in, it’s easier than ever to get the treatment you can’t go without on a tight schedule. Our centers make it easy with comprehensive diagnostics and care, whether it’s a one-time deal or a chronic issue.

Whenever you’re seeing the symptoms of a UTI, don’t wait to visit GoHealth Urgent Care centers for the treatment your body needs.


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