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Easy Tips For Eating Healthier in 2020

Whether you’ve set an intention to eat less junk food, eat fewer calories or eat less processed food, we’re here with a few simple tricks to help you achieve your goal to eat healthier in 2020! Here’s how.

1. Prepare Meals in Advance.

After a day of work meetings, errands, car pools, after-school activities and other life stresses, it’s difficult to come home in the evening and spend an hour or more on your feet in the kitchen preparing a healthy, made-from-scratch meal. It’s more tempting to take the path of least resistance and opt for unhealthy take-out food or T.V. dinners instead.

Set yourself up for success by preparing ingredients for the week’s meals in advance! On the weekend, spend a few hours cooking the meat and prepping the vegetables and other ingredients for the week ahead. When meals are pre-planned and all the ingredients are pre-prepped, you’ll be able to easily "throw together" a delicious, nutritious (not to mention budget-friendly) meal in minutes.

2. Make Fruits and Veggies the Most Accessible Snack.

When we’re hungry, we reach for a snack that’s accessible and ready to eat. To improve your snacking choices, the next time you get home from the market with the produce you’ve purchased for the week ahead, invest time in prepping the vegetables and fruit before you put them in the fridge.

When apples and grapes and pears are washed and set out in a bowl on the kitchen counter, when celery and carrots and peppers are sliced and in a handy container in the fridge, and when salad ingredients are chopped and ready, you’ll be more likely to reach for a healthy option the next time you're peckish.

3. Experiment with Healthier Substitutes.

The good news if you’re trying to eat healthier this year is that you don’t have to abandon your favorite meals; you can reinvent them with a few simple substitutes! Cauliflower rice can substitute for starchy rice, saving you hundreds of calories a day. And it can be cooked and mashed to substitute for calorie-laden mashed potatoes.

Zucchini can be cut into thin strips to substitute for processed, carbohydrate-dense noodles in your favorite pasta dishes.

By experimenting with substitutes for common ingredients, you can find nutritious alternatives that add a healthy twist to your favorite meals.

4. Find Non-Food Rewards.

Without even realizing it, we often use food to bribe, console or reward ourselves - and most of the time, the food we reach for isn’t healthy. The candy bars, cupcakes, cheeseburgers, chips, sodas and beer that seem like easy fixes come with steep health consequences in the form of empty calories, extra fat and fleeting satisfaction.

The next time you’re looking to reward (or console) yourself, find a non-food option to enjoy.

If you go for walk, read a chapter of a book, call a friend, listen to music, paint your nails, take a bubble bath or shoot some hoops instead of reaching for junk food, you’ll develop a long-term habit that will improve your health and happiness.

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