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Everything Tastes Better Through A Straw

Hippies, yoga moms, health fanatics and the like are going bananas (pun intended) over juicing lately. It’s all the rage. Did you know that there are some countertop juicers on the market these days that are retailing for $6,700? Truth.

It’s a given that fruits and vegetables play an important role in a daily humanly diet. There’s no one out there arguing that. But this liquid-veggie craze leaves me wondering what all the hype is about. Why is everyone on a juicer/blender bender?

The Health Department tells us that children 2 to 6 years old need 5 servings a day and the rest of us need 7 to 9 servings per day. No matter how you look at it that’s a lot to consume from sunup to sundown. Juicing makes those numbers noticeably easier to hit. And who knew kale, together with grapes, tossed in with cucumbers, and apples could make such a delicious and healthful flavor explosion?

Stanford Health wonders: did you know 1 cup of carrot or celery juice provides most of the same nutrients found in 5 cups of those same vegetables chopped up? As an added bonus, 1 cup of juice fits much better in your car’s cup holder than 5 cups of chopped vegetables.

Additionally, eating local produce can have its real perks. Farm-to-juicer meals have a less environmental impact while promoting variety. Fruits and veggies from down the road are likely more fresh so as to preserve optimal nutritional value and they create and promote local economic health and community. Plus, there are some really neat organizations that will bring it right to your door.

If your fast-paced life just simply won’t allow for you to take to the juicer every day, the Oprah approach is a great plan B. Here are her top 6 fruit and vegetable combination juices you can buy ready-made:

  1. Odwalla Superfood–full of antioxidants
  2. Bolthouse Farms 50/50 Tropical–plenty of vitamin A and C
  3. Naked Juice Berry Veggie–a great source of beta-carotene
  4. Columbia Gorge Organic Just Greens
  5. R.W. Knudsen Very Veggie Spicy–a spicier V8
  6. BluePrint Green Juice–a mid-afternoon energy boost

Juicing isn’t just for the trendsetters anymore (you can get a reasonable juicer from ~$20). Eating healthier and consuming the proper daily amounts of fruits and vegetables can help you feel better, too. Eat more produce, drink more produce, and be merrier!

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