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Healthy House: Natural Surface Cleaner

There’s hardly anything more satisfying in our minds than tearing through the kitchen in a torrential flurry of fresh ingredients while stirring up a healthy, delectable meal for the family…until its time to clean up.

Watery tomato juice mixes with pungent onion residue and marries with rogue flour to create a drippy, sticky mess all over your countertops.

Tromping through Whole Foods, we see a slew of well branded, good looking, nice smelling surface cleaners all hollering “BUY ME,” and claiming they will do the best job cleaning up sticky messes. They all seem like a great idea until a $12 ticket price prompts you to decide between cleaning products and that bottle of wine you selected a few aisles earlier.

There’s an alternative to these bummer scenarios that’s inexpensive, good for your health, and as easy as the pie you can clean off the countertop.

In the last installment in our Healthy House blog series, we shared a simple, natural recipe for dish detergent.

This week, we have for you an even simpler, DIY natural surface cleaner.

Because after all, happy healthy people live in happy, healthy houses.

Simplification and transparency is the name of our game when it comes to DIY cleaners, and this recipe hits the mark dead on. Here goes:

  • 1 Part Vinegar
  • 1 Part Water

The gut reaction is to question the effectiveness of such a simple formula as this. The safe acidity of vinegar is proven to clear away any mineral deposits on glass and surfaces while killing 99.9% of bacteria and 90% of any mold spores (we learned this from our friends at Good Housekeeping).

After you take on the mystery dinner mess in the kitchen, this formula is ready to tackle the bathroom, polish your windows, lift carpet stains and beyond. Depending on what sticky or foggy mess you’re brandishing this formula against, your ratios might need to change. The New Home Maker can help with that.

For a more pleasant smelling spruce up, we like to infuse our creations with fresh plants and herbs that carry natural cleaning compounds. Our favorites are a simple white vinegar formula + bunches of fresh sage from the garden, and a simple white vinegar formula + orange peels. We like to let them infuse for up to 4 weeks before straining, pouring into fresh bottles and taking them to the countertops. If you're in a pinch for time, essential oils will give you similar results without the wait (recipes here). 

Other herbs that amp up disinfectant power include basil, bay, cardamom, cloves, coriander, eucalyptus, ginger, hyssop, and thyme. Ancient Wisdom houses a comprehensive library of the mystical properties of the herbs if you want to consider those while creating your home cleaners.

Homemade cleaners are the best, but for the really icky messes, a staple cleaner to have around is Chlorine Free Bleach water (1/4 teaspoon of Chlorine Free Bleach to a standard 32oz spray bottle of water).

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