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I Need to Go to The Doctor, But I Don’t Have A Primary Care Physician

So you have insurance—either through your employer or private plan—but you don’t have a doctor. What now?

It’s a question that’s often left at the back of your mind. But when you’re suddenly faced with an ankle that might be broken or a cold you can’t sleep off, you’ll want answers fast.

Q: Where Do I Go If I Don’t Have a Doctor?

A: You have a few options:

1- Make An Appointment With a Primary Care Physician: There’s no substitute for a primary care physician, and if you don’t have one, we recommend asking your insurance company for options. Of course, they might not be able to meet you for weeks. But we think you should make that call anyway. (We’ll tell you why later.)

2- Go To The Emergency Room: If you decide your ailments require emergency attention and admit yourself to the E.R., you still might find yourself waiting 2-6 hours to be seen. The E.R. deals with the most serious, often life-threatening conditions and must triage, or prioritize, each patient by severity. Your bad flu or twisted ankle, as painful as it might be to you, might not compare. Don’t forget, however, that medical costs incurred at ERs can be astronomical—worse still if you are uninsured. So think twice before going to emergency.

3- Visit an Urgent Care Center (Recommended): Urgent Care Centers are your ideal for immediate but non-life threatening conditions like, coughs, colds, UTIs, allergies, broken bones, rashes, etc. Best of all, appointments are not necessary. You’ll be able to see a healthcare provider that same day. Urgent care centers are even being opened now with x-ray machines and laboratories. That means if you need a chest x-ray or a throat culture you’ll never have to be referred to a hospital, saving you precious time and money.

Q: Will The Provider Have Any Of My Medical History?

A: It depends on where you go.

If you go to a standalone facility, it is unlikely that they would. In that case, make sure to relay to the provider information on your medications, allergies, and your medical history. If you go to an urgent care center that is affiliated with a larger health network, like GoHealth Urgent Care, and you’ve visited one of their facilities in the past, they probably will!

Q: At What Point Do I Really Need A Primary Care Physician?

A: Get one anyway. We can help you find one.

Remember that appointment we told you to schedule? Regardless of what becomes of your condition we strongly advise getting a primary care physician anyway. At GoHealth Urgent Care, we believe that preventative medicine is one of the cornerstones of a healthy America, and an important part of that is finding a dedicated doctor.

So if you really are suddenly faced with injury or illness, visit GoHealth Urgent Care first. We’ll treat your immediate symptoms and can also recommend a Primary Care Physician.

Q: Why GoHealth Urgent Care?

A: Because we put you first — by providing an effortless patient experience, a welcoming culture of care and seamless integration with market-leading health systems and our communities.

See our prices on co-pays and same-day visits, with and without insurance.

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