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An Interview with Dr. Robert Korn of GoHealth Urgent Care

GoHealth isn’t like other urgent care centers. In fact, you could call it one-of-a-kind. There are multiple things that make GoHealth unique – from its cutting edge technology (like the exam rooms with glass walls that become opaque when someone enters the room) to its convenience (booking appointments online) and more.

But don’t just take our word for it. We talked to Northwell/GoHealth Medical Director Dr. Robert Korn MD, MBA, FACEP, about this new type of urgent care. Here’s what he had to say:

Question: In your opinion, what’s the best part about urgent care?

Dr Korn: It is wonderful to be able to provide medical care that is of the highest quality in a setting that meets patients' needs for efficiency in a neighborhood, storefront environment. We can return people to their school, job or family life quickly without the disruption that can often accompany a healthcare experience.

Q: What makes GoHealth different from other urgent care centers?

Dr Korn: We understand that a high quality patient experience is related to the entire environment of care. In addition to our experienced providers, we offer a warm family friendly milieu, state of the art computerization, and an entire staff trained to make patients feel welcome and cared for. We also have the strength of the Northwell Health System behind us, which guides all our quality, selection of providers, and referrals to the Northwell vast network of primary care and specialist physicians.

Q: Describe a typical day as Medical Director of GoHealth.

Dr Korn: If I am not working in one of our centers caring for patients, I am often interviewing potential doctors and PA’s to join our group of experienced and caring providers. I also enjoy getting out in the community and speaking to local healthcare providers. There’s so much I can learn from them about their patients and vice versa. Of course, I spend a lot of time with our team, who includes industrial engineers, real estate experts, and customer service professionals to continually improve the patient experience at GoHealth.

Q: What are the most common injuries, illnesses or conditions seen by GoHealth medical professionals?

Dr Korn: We generally see patients with infections related to viral or bacterial illnesses, often upper respiratory, skin, lung or intestinal in nature. We also see trauma from sports and activities of daily living like cuts, sprains, minor head injuries, as well as allergic reactions, skin infections, and other common minor illnesses.

Q: We know that GoHealth offers some of the most cutting-edge technology. Please tell us more about it.

Dr Korn: Our goal is to use technology to make our interaction with patients as efficient as possible. All that time saved is more time we can dedicate to educating and otherwise spending time talking to patients. We remain nearly paperless, scanning patient’s information directly into our computers without the usual clipboard and pen seen at most offices. We share our electronic medical record with the patient, and display it on a screen while we work, allowing the patient to participate in all aspects of their care. We are also building a robust linkage to the Northwell information system that will eventually allow us to share data with them to improve accuracy and efficiency of care for patients who are in the system on either the Northwell or GoHealth side of our partnership.

Q: To you, what is the best part about being the Medical Director of GoHealth? What makes you go home at night, satisfied with your day?

Dr Korn: I find that patients who are treated kindly and with professionalism are very appreciative of the efforts we have made to give them efficient care in a convenient neighborhood location. If I have kept them out of an emergency room, or maybe if needed, found them the right consultant in Northwell who can see them quickly, I derive great satisfaction from knowing I have made someone’s life a little better.

Q: Describe any type of misconception about GoHealth or urgent care in general that you’d like to clear up.

Dr Korn: We are not a primary care site. One of our goals is to make sure patients who come in to see us get linked up to a primary care doctor who can provide the right type of service for their needs.

Q: If you could only pick ONE benefit of choosing GoHealth, what would it be?

Dr Korn: GoHealth gives you access to the quality of the Northwell Health System, right in your neighborhood.  

Q: What would you say to someone who has never visited an urgent care center, and is unsure or nervous about the idea of it?

Dr Korn: Try us, you’ll like us.  If for some reason your minor illness or injury can’t be cared for completely by us, we are part of a very strong network that can direct you to the right care in the right timeframe to insure your excellent outcome.

Q: What’s next for GoHealth? What can consumers expect in the future?​

Dr Korn: If we are not yet in your neighborhood, we will be. Our goal is to be the most convenient, highest quality and friendliest way to get urgent medical care for you and your family.

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