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Moving Out? Use These Tips to Prevent Injury

It’s that time of year – college classes are ending for the summer, leases are up and people are moving out. Whether you’re excited about it or dreading it, there’s no denying the stress that comes along with moving – especially if you have to move everything yourself.

Lifting heavy furniture the wrong way can easily cause an injury like a muscle strain or a pulled back. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Follow these tips when you are moving out and into a new place:

Follow the cardinal rule – lift with your legs

You’ve probably heard this rule – never lift with your back. Your legs are home to some of the strongest muscles in your body. If you don’t lift with your legs, you may feel a strain in your lower back from the psoas muscle pulling on the lumbar spine. Avoid this by bending your knees and flexing your glutes when lifting. This will ease some of the pressure on your back.

Use a shoulder dolly

It may look silly, but moving and lifting straps are great for injury prevention while lifting heavy furniture. They help by taking the weight off your back while leaving your hands free to maneuver awkward items. For large items like couches, cabinets and dressers, shoulder dollies can dramatically reduce risk of injury.

Take apart what you can

Instead of lifting and moving an entire recliner, did you know you can remove the back and carry it in two parts? Do this for pieces of furniture that can be taken apart. This will ease the stress of carrying heavy items, lower injury risk and make it easier to get awkward items, like long or tall couches, through tight spaces.

Carry tall items high and low

Have a long item like a couch, cabinet or dresser? Have one person carry the top at a higher level, while the other person carries the bottom at waist level. This helps center the weight and keep the item from swinging out of control. It’s also a great position if you’re going up or down stairs. Injuries can happen while moving – especially if you’re lifting heavy furniture or boxes.

Follow the tips above to prevent injury when you move out this year.

However, remember that the unexpected can still happen.

If you find yourself with a strained back or pulled muscle from moving, visit a GoHealth Urgent Care location nearest you; just use the handy location widget below! We’ll help you recover as quickly as possible.


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