Seven Test Results You Can Get In 20 Minutes or Less at GoHealth Urgent Care

We know that waiting for test results can be anxiety-provoking, and it can delay an accurate diagnosis and treatment.  At GoHealth Urgent Care, we use rapid tests to get you a diagnosis as soon as possible.  In fact, you can get these results in 20 minutes or less!


Rapid Strep

The symptoms of strep throat include swollen glands, sore throat and a fever.  If you have these symptoms, we can do a rapid strep test during your visit.  It’s important to be treated with antibiotics if you do have Group A Strep because if untreated, the Strep antibodies can travel through your bloodstream and deposit in your kidneys and heart valves.



Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include urinary frequency, urgency, and burning.  If the infection spreads to your kidneys, it can also cause back pain, vomiting, and fever.  At GoHealth Urgent Care, we can run a rapid urinalysis to provide you with an immediate diagnosis and get you started on appropriate treatment as soon as possible.


Urine Pregnancy Test

If you’re late for your period or having pelvic pain or abnormal vaginal bleeding, we can run a rapid urine pregnancy test in the clinic and get you a diagnosis in just a few minutes!


Hemoccult Test

If you’re worried about blood in your stool, we can do a hemoccult test during your exam.  The test tells us in a few seconds whether there’s blood in your stool, which helps your provider determine the most appropriate course of action.


Rapid Mono

The symptoms of mono include fatigue, swollen glands, and a sore throat.  If you’ve had these symptoms for more than 7 days, we can run a rapid mono test in the clinic to determine if you have mononucleosis (an infection caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus).



If your blood sugar is too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia), it can cause serious complications.  At GoHealth Urgent Care, we can do a fingerstick and know what your blood sugar is in less than a minute. 


Rapid Flu

Influenza can cause a fever, cough, body aches, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea.  We have a rapid test that can diagnose influenza in less than 20 minutes!  If you do have symptoms of the flu, it’s important to come in as soon as possible because the antiviral medicine Tamiflu works best if you start it within the first 48 hours of symptoms and helps prevent serious complications of influenza (like pneumonia and dehydration).


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