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Tips for Happy Running Feet

Amidst a sea of lycra and spandex, afloat with sugary power cubes and crazy stretching regimens lies a fad that seems to be here to stay. Running, jogging, walking, strolling, meandering: whatever your style of maintaining a healthy body and mind may be, the fruits of your labor start with your feet.

Avoiding injury and reaping the most from each step begins and ends with good footwear. Read on for DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to protecting your paws! Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, and Runner’s Knee (constant pain in the knee) are all super common runners injuries among new runners and seasoned runners alike. They also have one major thing in common: they find their beginnings in worn out or too-small shoes.

Running in the right new shoes starts with knowing when to replace your old ones, so be sure to listen to what your feet are telling you! While the particulars are different for every runner, shoes typically wear out after being tromped on for 300-400 miles, and worn-out shoes can cause some of those bummer aforementioned ailments. But there’s really no exact science to this. The NY Times asks a number of different runners how they know when it’s time and the answer varied quite a bit.

Did you know...?

Did you know that when you weight your foot, it can spread out up to a half an inch? Truth! When fitting your running shoes you should keep in mind that a fit that works while you’re flexing your toes, sitting on the bench may feel much different when you are standing up or treading around the store.


DO: Take a quick lap outside on the pavement (most running shoe salespeople will encourage it). Knowing what a shoe feels like in its natural environment is critical to achieving a good fit.

DON’T: Lace them up too tight. Without allowing your foot to squish out a bit underneath your weight will affect its performance and fit.

DO: Stand on your tiptoes and put your index finger between your heel and the back of your shoe. If it fits like a glove, your shoes will fit, well, like a glove!

DON’T: Assume your new shoes will be the same size as your old ones. Each brand will fit a bit differently; even each brand’s styles could fit a bit differently. Try, try, try them all on!

As always, we’re here for you. Sometimes no matter what preventative measures you take, sprains and strains and aches and pains can get in the way. We are prepped to treat any injury that may happen along the way and get you right back out on the trail.

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