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What is POIC?

Portland’s Opportunities Industrialization Center (POIC) is a non-profit organization developed as part of a national network that focuses on training under-educated and unemployed minority young adults from ages 18-25. The three programs offered are Rosemary Anderson High School (RAHS), Work Opportunity Training (WOT), and Rosemary Anderson Transitions (RATR); all providing continual education, training, support, and mentoring throughout the different stages of career development.

Founded in 1967, POIC has grown to become a central anchor for many alienated Portland at-risk youths affected by poverty, family instability and homelessness. It currently services 425 and 475 young adults each year, 200 in RAHS, 140 in RATR and 125 in the Employment, Training and After-School programs. By providing education and work training programs, POIC helps to stabilize otherwise turbulent lives which enriches local Portland communities affected by gentrification, gang violence, and poverty.

A History
In 1983, POIC developed an academic high school at the request of Portland Public School District to accommodate disadvantaged youth flailing in the public school system. A phoenix from the rubble in North Portland, Rosemary Anderson High School is now an accredited private non-tuition community-based alternative high school. It enrolls over 190 students annually, offering a full range of core curriculum courses that are required for the high school diploma and GED. POIC is currently collaborating with Gresham-Barlow and Centennial school districts and have created a second location in east Portland, which will share a similar syllabus and program design.

Servicing the Disadvantaged
POIC provides both a high school education while gaining work training and experience. They have an open door admission policy and all students are welcome, all diversity is celebrated. Recognizing that 1 in 4 students live with foster families and 15% are homeless, they service the most disenfranchised populations of Portland. They provide a system of support that includes counselors and social workers to anyone who needs it. POIC historically provided access to minority students in North Portland but has since extended services to the eastern flank, providing connections and services during and beyond high school. With a 90% graduation rate, POIC promotes a huge number of students, earning over $50,000 in college scholarships, 250 summer internships, and 220 graduates enrolled in post-secondary education programs.

Community Service
POIC interacts with the greater Portland community on many levels. Many referrals in the community come from non-profit organizations and government agencies such as Department of Human Services, Community Justice, Work Systems Inc, and the Portland School District. It is also greatly dependent on volunteers that can mentor, attend special events, teach classes, and lead workshops.

Partnering with GoHealth
Legacy - GoHealth is pleased to be a community sponsor, offering $5 to POIC for each flu shot administered from September 1 through November 30.  


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