Source: Lake Oswego Review

By Cliff Newell

June 30, 2016

Urgent care center opens doors at Mountain Park center

Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care has found a sweet spot in the middle when it comes to American health care.

That spot now includes Lake Oswego, since the company opened its newest urgent care center at 3 Monroe Parkway in Mountain Park Shopping Center. Andy Barnett, medical director for GoHealth Urgent Care Northwest, foresees a healthy future for everyone involved.

“There has been a lot of planning in making this site selection,” Barnett said. “We wanted to make sure we’re in the right place to focus on the best customer experience and give them the care they deserve.”

Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care has been on a roll recently. The company now has 12 urgent care centers in Oregon and two in Washington, and Barnett said this success has come from establishing a clear place in the health care hierarchy; between emergency care centers and primary care providers.

“We feel an urgent care center is an ‘everyone wins’ scenario,” Barnett said. “We’re able to focus on the same-day needs in a way that will satisfy both patients and insurance companies. This is part of the volume to value movement in health care.

“We believe we can manage the care of any patient who doesn’t need a hospital. We can cut down the use of emergency rooms. We can reduce wait times and overall costs dramatically. We can also unburden primary care providers who treat more chronic health issues.”

The new center in Lake Oswego will feature onsite x-rays, lab work, and a full range of diagnostic procedures and fracture management. It is staffed by licensed medical providers and medical assistants. Types of illnesses and injuries that can receive ready treatment include infections, lacerations, fractures, work injuries, motor accidents, and much more.

The doors of Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care in Lake Oswego have been open for only a few weeks, but it’s already apparent it is meeting a need.

“We’ve already seen a quick increase in patients,” Barnett said. “That has been in line with our expectations. Our feedback has been very positive.”

For more about Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care in Lake Oswego, go or call 503-679-3748.