Source: Portland Mom's Blog

By Portland Mom's Blog

November 18, 2016


There are a couple of notable brands we see popping up pretty rapidly around the Portland metro in recent months. One is Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care centers (they now have 18 area locations), and the other–showing up in thousands of area car windows–is Uber. At first glance you wouldn’t think one has anything to do with the other, however, as a couple of our bloggers discovered at a recent event at the Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care location at N. Williams, these two companies actually make a pretty great team to support area families. 

During a wellness event earlier this week, Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care launched an innovative healthcare program to Uber driver-partners and their families in Portland and neighboring communities. Why is that significant? For starters, a growing number of moms and dads see “gig jobs” with on-demand workforces like Uber as a way to earn extra income while having much sought after flexibility. But what’s typically missing from these opportunities are benefits like medical insurance. The services now available to Uber drivers and their families at Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care locations include $0 out-of-pocket flu shots, discounted sports clearance exams and free wellness classes. The program also offers diabetes and heart health classes, as well as biometric screenings and ergonomics therapy. 

Here are a just a few things shared at the recent Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care event that we love about their model of “patient-first” care:

Easy access to care that leads to better, healthier lives is something we are always excited to see in our community. So ask the next Uber driver you encounter if he or she has stopped into their local Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care Center for their preventive care. And be sure to find YOUR nearest center to take advantage of their top-quality care with unparalleled access, convenience and value.