Source:  Brides

By Cheryl S. Grant

October 19, 2016


You booked your flight months in advance for your much desired honeymoon but that was before your big wedding celebration. A few champagne toasts, shots at the bar and before you know it you have had too much to drink. Ugh! Now the idea of getting on a flight with what seems like a rock band playing in your head is all too daunting. Before hitting the friendly skies try the below tips to make the start of your honeymoon less than painful.

Night Cap

To mitigate the damage of the next day start the night before. "Before hitting the sack drink water and pop a painkiller" says Robert Korn, MD, Medical Director at Northwell Health — GoHealth Urgent Care."If possible avoid Aspirin and Ibuprofen as they may irritate an already delicate stomach." he says. Make sure you take them with lots and lots of water.


Though we have often heard that drinking something like a Bloody Mary in the morning can help to balance a hangover — hair of the dog and all — experts say that may not be a great idea because it just delays the onset of symptoms. "Hydration is key," says Patricia Bannan, MS, RD, author of Eat Right When Time is Tight. "My go-to is a pomegranate juice spritzer," she says. One glass of pomegranate juice has 600mg of potassium, which can provide much needed electrolytes. Bannan combines one part each of POM 100% pomegranate juice and sparkling water, with a twist of lime.

Skip the Espresso

Since your stomach is probably a little wonky try sticking to things that will soothe your system. Though a caffeine kick may seem like a quick picker upper it may do more harm than good. "Coffee can narrow your blood vessels and increase your blood pressure, adding to your symptoms," says Bannan. Above all avoid acidic and greasy foods. The best choices are fresh fruit, yogurt, eggs and cereals that will help to replace some of the lost nutrients.

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Hit The Sack

Once you're en route to your honeymoon destination close your eyes and sleep because chances are you are deprived. "Alcohol impairs delta sleep — the part of sleep that makes you feel rested, says Korn. So, even if you had gotten to bed and had 8 hours of "sleep time," if you drank too much the night before, you will get too little delta sleep, and you will be tired, says Korn.

Skip It or Sip It

Though these tips can help you feel a little better, prevention is still better than any cure. If you truly want to feel your best for your honeymoon abstinence or moderation is key. So know when to say when to start your new life sans the giant headache and nausea.